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Dusk Economy

[Money/Coins/Battle Points/Gems]


There are many ways to grind money , such as from winning battles, 50\50, Lucky Dip, Daily Raffle, Fishing Contest,Hitdowns e.t.c.


Coins, are probably the most used-currency in-game when it comes to player trade. They are used to buy Promos, pokemon from Game Corner, they are used to fill the need of gambling to some players.

Best way to grind coins :

1) Hitdown

2) Fishing contest

3) Daily raffle

4)50/50 game


- Battling NPCs/Battle Tower/Battle Point conversion.

  • For Battling NPCs to be effective, it is recommended to be in a clan. In Clan Rewads - there is an option to claim 10 Coins for 10,000,000 Clan Credits. Maximum Clan Credits possible to earn per Pokemon beaten is 409,016.
  • Battle Towers - Snorlax & Mew Tower reward the Player with the highest score with 500 coins each..

These have been explained in Games Corner .

♡Battle Points (BP)

The best way to earn points is by :

1) The Scrambler

Every word you unscramble, you get 250 BP

2) Training

You obtain 1BP every time you faint a pokemon during training

Some Battle Points Farming Methods –

  1. Battle Accounts with Level 5 Pokemon.
    • You will most likely one shot them.
  1. Battle (Elementary Trainers) Bug Catcher.
    • Use V-Create. Most effective as it gives reasonable amount of Exp as well

Battle points can be used for the following :

Temporary Battlepoints Shop

Pokemon BP Shop

☆Exchange Battle points for coins

Highly discouraging users from using it...

This is an old feature, currently Battlepoints are worth more

so it'd be better to trade your BP to other users rather than using this


It has been explained in Gems Shop.

Only obtainable from Donating and Buying Pokemon from Promo Center #1. It is used to buy Rare Pokemon from the Gems Shop. Currently untradeable.