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Pokemon Reborn - RPG Rules

Note: The Rules can be changed at any time without notice. All rules apply to every player regardless of staff rank, donation or time played. There will be no favouritism, special benefits given to anyone.


Ghost-Bidding is the act of bidding on your own Pokemon in the Auction House to increase the bid of your own Pokemon. You will receive a Temporary Ban for your first warning, If found to be done excessively, the duration of the ban may be increased and/or possibly end up as a permanent ban.


Cross-Trading is the act of attempting and/or actually Trading/Buying/Selling Pokemon Reborn goods (Accounts, Pokemon, Coins etc) for goods on other games and/or real currency. Doing so will result in a Permanent Ban. Ban Appeals will not be accepted.

50/50 Bet Gambling:

It is against the rules to use multiple accounts to place more than 10 bets (maximum bets is 14) at any time to bypass the 50/50 Game limit. You can however use more than 1 account to play the 50/50 Game AS LONG as you do NOT use it to bypass the 50/50 Game limit together.

It is also against the rules to play against yourself to e.g taking your own bets to - to win gambler of the day. If caught, all accounts will receive a temp-ban.

Account Reputation:

Using multiple accounts to give reputation/likes/follows to other users is prohibited. The account who received the reputation/likes/follows will lose the gained reputation bonus and can lead to the one who gave the reputation bonus receiving a Temporary Ban.

3rd Party Program:

The use of Macros/Bots/Scripts will result in a Permanent Ban. The macro-detection system put in place is constantly being improved. Ban Appeals will not be accepted if you are found to be Permanently banned. If you wish to continue playing you will need to make a fresh new account and play again from the start.

Loan Trades:

Loaning/Borrowing things from/to someone else is done at your own risk. The tings you loan/borrow to someone will not be returned if you have failed to use the safety provided (e.g. Loan Pokemon - Hours). It is recommended to have a collateral put in place if you are not willing to risk something e.g. a Rare Pokemon, Coins etc.

If you loan someone a Pokemon/Item and they get banned, you will not be able to get the Pokemon/Item returned unless you used the Loan Feature provided.

Account Creation:

It is prohibited to create an account for another person. If the player who you made the account for is found to break the rules and ends up being banned, you can be found to be responsible. This also counts as Account Trading and account trading is not allowed.

The maximum accounts you can make is 3 Accounts. If found to make more than 3 accounts can end up with the rest of the accounts being Permanently Banned/Removed and can also impact your main account such as a Temporary Ban.


Advertising another RPG or other sites is not allowed. The only exception to this is Very Popular/Well-known sites. You will need to receive permission from staff before mentioning Popular/Well-known sites however.


If you have found a player to be breaking a rule or abusing their power (e.g Staff using their rank to take advantage) you can submit a Report on the Forums - Miscellaneous section with proof. Failure to do so will only have the report being denied and locked.

If you have been Temporarily/Permanently banned, you are allowed to make an appeal unless the ban you have received has a rule set in place (e.g 3rd Party Program Rule) that states that Ban Appeals will not be accepted.


The use of any form of Ad-block is not allowed on the RPG. Without advertisements Pokemon Reborn will not be able to pay to keep the site up. If you find that the ad's are not loading for you please email - Raman19930@gmail.com your Trainer Number to have it fixed.

Exploit Abuse:

It is forbidden to use exploits to gain an advantage over other players. If you find an exploit, Private Message Cruz or Chirgjin in game and to your best ability, explain how it can be done. Doing so can lead to you receiving a reward. If you are found to abuse the bug and fail to report it, depending on how bad the exploits impact is on the RPG, it can lead from a Permanent Ban to an IP-Ban.

Spam/Disruptive Content:

Spam/Disruptive Content includes but is not limited to; Swearing/Spam/Explicit Images & videos/Racism/Xenophobia. If you are found to be breaking this rule you can receive a punishment ranging from a Temporary Chat Restriction to IP Ban depending on the severity of your actions.

Illegal Activity:

It is against the law to DDOS or Hack the RPG. If you are found to be reponsible for any DDOS or hacking attempts towards the RPG you can be charged under your own Country's law or the law that RPG is based in (India & USA).

Staff/Player Impersonation:

Staff Impersonation is the act of pretending to be a Staff/Player that isn't you to try and gain information/items from other Players. The punishment for doing this can lead to a Permanent Ban.


It is against the rules to use your Clan to take advantage of other players. This includes but is not limited to; Selling Clan Membership for Coins/Pokemon/Items/Accounts, and forcing players to pay you to stay in the Clan. If found doing so, your clan can be given away to who the Staff in charge of your punishment sees fit or the clan can just be completely removed from the RPG.


Promo Center - Maximum of 2 Accounts to be used - Use of Proxies/VPN will lead to Permanent Ban.

Daily Raffle, Haunted Ground - Maximum of 2 Accounts.

Fishing Contest and Hitdown are only allowed 1 Account.


Begging is allowed to an extent. If you are found to be doing it excessively you can receive a punishment ranging from a Mute to Permanent Ban on both Chat and RPG.


If you are found to have broken the rules, any other account you may have can also be affected such as being banned/disabled as well.


If you are found to have hacked/phished or attempted to another player, you will be permanently banned.


If you have found a loophole around rules and are using it to your advantage, depending on the severity of the loophole, you can be permanently banned if doing so.

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