Pokemon Dusk Reborn RPG Wiki

Welcome to the game Duskers!

There are different colored pokemons in game, the different color variants are :


You can get a colored poke (Golden, Gitter, Eternal, etc.) by trading with someone or buying from promo shops. You can even get them from contests that roll out at Forums/Discord server.

♡ Does color of Pokemon affect the Pokemon's stats?

Yes. These are the bonus stats of each type:

Shiny Pokemons has 5% extra attack damage.

Shadow Pokemons has 15% extra attack damage.

Demon Pokemons has 10% extra defense.

Golden Pokemons has 15% extra defense.

Haunted Pokemons has 10% extra hp.

Frost Pokemons has 15% extra hp.

Eternal Pokemons provides 10% extra exp.

Glitter Pokemons provides 12% extra exp.

Baby Pokemons provides 15% extra exp.

♡ How much are your pokemons worth ?

Use the link below to find out the value of a certain colored pokemon. If it is not in the list, please ask in the chat/PM


NOTE: All of these prices are for base pokemon(lvl 5), for non base I suggest removing 35% of the price mentioned

Lvl 4 or lesser Pokemons are more valuable than base(lvl 5) ones, it would increase the price of the pokemon by 3 times.